LED Flow

LED Flow

Surface-Mounted luminaire | Recessed luminaire | Special construction

In well-known ADO Lights quality we present our latest product the LED-Flow.

In addition to the classic property of flexible light lines such as flexibility in different directions, our LED flow is distinguished by special options. So there is the possibility of a magnetic bracket to lift only the contour of the lamp without seeing the attachment.

In addition, as a planner you are free in the choice of potting color, you can, for example, use a blue potting that the luminaire sets a color accent even when switched off. In addition, we are currently working on a way to decouple the light over three sides.

Our new product, the LED-FLOW, can be used flexibly, it is flexible and can therefore be used for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor areas.


  • for public places, facades, entrance areas
  • Top/Side/ 3D View
  • accessible
  • Integration into various systems possible from small applications to building automation systems
  • perfect light homogeneity
  • Light colour monochrome, optional multicolour
  • magnetic mounting possible

Technische Details


Dimensions [WxH]
16 x 16 mm | Top- oder Seitenbiegung
11 x 19 mm | Seitenbiegung
max. Länge 5000 mm
Biegeradius min. > 60 mm
Power consumptions
9,6 or 14.4 W/m [Weiß]
14,4 W/m [RGB] | 19,2 W/m [RGB+W]
9,6 or 14.4 W/m [Weiß]
14,4 W/m [RGB] | 19,2 W/m [RGB+W]
24 VDC
Luminaire luminous flux
max. 620 lm/m
LED und EVG 50.000 Stunden bei
70% des Ausgangslichtstroms
Light color
Weiß 2.700/3.000/4.000 Kelvin
RGB | RBG+W | Tuneable White
CRI > 80/90
Control Interface
Externer Treiber DMX 512 oder DALI
IP68 | Anschlussleitung mit
IP67 Steckverbindung
CE, RoHs
Mix aus klarem + opakem PU-Harz
Aufbaumontage mit Clips + Profilen
Einbaumontage mit Profilen
Magnetische Befestigung für hohe
Ambient temperature
Umgebungstemperatur –25 °C bis +50 °C
Montageprofile aus Aluminium oder

product and project pictures as download