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The Generalmajor Freiherr von Gersdorff Barracks in Euskirchen are home to both the Centre for Cyber Security and the Centre for Software Competence of the German Bundeswehr. Due to the increasing importance of the topic of IT, the location was generously expanded with foresight and so, in addition to various lecture room and accomodation buildings, a new library with a large reading room for preparation for the courses was also built.

The curtain slats in the upper part of the new building serve as sun protection, offer views in and out, but they can also be illuminated by wallwashers in different colours, so that the façade becomes a real eye-catcher in the dark.

Inside the library, the focus of the lighting is on good lighting conditions to ensure a high quality of stay during prolonged and concentrated reading and working. The luminaires should therefore be inviting and above all glare-free – an ideal application for the LED-Linargo, which was installed here as a recessed and pendant luminaire. On the one hand, shelves are optimally illuminated from top to bottom; in reading areas, they serve as pleasant ambient lighting.

Perfect illumination of a geological model hanging in the entrance area respectively above the staircase is provided by the fully swivelling LED Luc Minispots, placed on a rail.

Architect: nbp architekten, Roetgen

Light planner: ZWP Ingenieur-AG, Köln

Photographer: Peter von Pigage

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Gersdorff Barracks Euskirchen

Used Products

LED WallWasher

LED Luc 60-1

LED Linargo